About Us 

Our female-owned beverage company was founded by Erin Winczura, a woman with a background in investment banking and a passion for innovation. She is a farm girl at heart with global experience, including studies and work in Europe, Mexico, Canada, the USA and Caribbean.

She got into the beverage business by first being an investor. She grew to understand the industry. Erin then got involved in innovation and started her company with a single brand – Tipsy Tomato. Since then, she has brought on strong brand partners such as TGIFriday’s® and Frank’s Red Hot®.

Ennoble is now launching wine and cocktails in the “better-for-you” category.  Erin developed Tipsy Tails at her own bar, in her house, with friends. They wanted a cocktail that tasted great without all the calories of sugary drinks.

Ennoble Beverages focuses on corporate social responsibility and sustainability while creating brands that resonate with today’s varied and unique consumers.

Our goal is to be the most valuable supplier to our wholesalers and to provide the highest quality of customer service.